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A small birthday post for one of my fav fandom friends :D
NOTE: Let's just ignore continuity in this okay? XD


HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMAKOII/Under a cut to save your flist! )
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Happy happy 24th birthday to Shige!! :D
I didn't get to celebrate much on the actual day, but last night my fangirling power went mostly to you XD
The drama itself is rather funny, I'm so excited for the next ep now~
Shige, I hope you had a good day and you get messages/presents from the NEWS members (COUGHYAMAPICOUGH)
And I love the irony of not getting the birthday man onto Kchan NEWS. Last week's Massu's birthday had Shige as the guest, tonight Tegoshi is the guest for Shige's birthday XD

I promise...I will do a combined NEWS birthday post at the end of the year of graphics, ahhh I fail D:

Speaking of Hanawake no Yon Shimai, if anyone wants it here's a download for the theme song that I got of MIzuki Alisa's album called Hoshi no Hate :)

Epic karaoke sessions are epic. And I don't want to brag, but me and my friend's rendition of Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On from the Titanic movie was just....damn, way too awesome for words XD

Have a great day/night everyone! :D♪
Time to wait around for the start of Zenkai Girl~!
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Yay! I'm a bit late but I was busy today.
♥ お誕生日おめでとう!! ♥
~{.♦.}/ 手越祐也 \{.♦.}~

I hope you never, EVER change, continuing to be as cute, bratty, ero and crazy as you are. Let the next years to come be most fulfilling in and out of NEWS.

lol my creativity is lacking these days. Now excuse me while I prepare for tomorrow's outing.

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Introducing our latest product; JE member in a box. I bring you your ichiban Tegoshi Yuya. Each pose sold separately. If you want to add Masuda Takahisa to your collection, it'll be extra. School Girl Tegoshi Yuuko is limited edition only so get it NOW!

Hey [ profile] amakoi
Happy Birthday!!

*bursts out in NEWS "Happy Birthday"*
I guess I can send you a make-believe Tego in a box? Either way, thanks for being a great lj friend (who actually knida lives near me, mind you) from constant page refreshing to those massively long comments that skew the page beyond belief.

SO legally an adult here means:
- Buying cigarettes and alcohol legally (okay...)
- Vote (bah why would we really care about that. When you do vote, just donkey vote or hand in an empty ballot paper XDD)
- Umm that's all I can think of sorry.

I hope you have a great time in Japan in the coming days, and please, please somehow attend Massu's stage play!! I do apologise for the dubious photoshop job on the pic T_T

Good luck on your last high school related exam ever~ ♥
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I do apologise to Nishikido Ryo, this is awfully half assed as I need to furiously study for Legal Studies after this. But I really do love him to bits.

It's the 3rd of November here so...:
♫ お誕生日おめでとう!!
[♠] 錦戸亮 [♠]

Dude, 25 years old. Lived for a quater of a century now~ I hope he continues to be as wonderful, spectacular
and sexy
for many years to come in both NEWS and Kanjani8.

You don't know how tempted I am to watch the Diamond DVD T_T But I haven't touched it. All the stuff I've downloaded so far is in a folder named "CANNOT TOUCH" in Japanese so I have to abide. I'm also very annoyed that I've reached the download limit on Megaupload so I'll have to wait for another hour until I can resume downloading...I think I've got 7 parts left? Either way, I'll be crashing your place imalda on the 7th with popcorn and lollipops. Looking forward to that!

*going back to focusing on Crime and waiting for annoucement of probable interest rate rises*


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