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Feb. 8th, 2010 09:22 pm
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I was going to my external hard drive, trying to clear off some files for precious space. And I came across these doodles of KAT-TUN and NEWS that [ profile] emiq  and [ profile] sawasin  did one day in class (probably during economics). Now let's play a game! Can you try and guess all of the members? It's easy enough (well, I think it's easy) and they're numbered for your convenience. Err this was drawn in Feb-March 2009, so XD I'm sorry if you've seen this before, as emiq did post it. But for kicks, I'm re-posting haha~ and ignore that pic of me...I'm definitely not a member of KAT-TUN.

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But I'm highly amused at the line up for next week's Music Station:

That's right, along side KAT-TUN and Arashi is the BACKSTREET BOYS!!!! You know, the 5 guys who sang this?
Oops, wrong one XD This is the right one lol~

Awww, but when I saw this last night, they also listed down Backstreet Boys singing "I want it that way". I HOPE IT COMES BACK. I'm a sap and I love that song XD

Yes, well I'll definitely be saving some bandwidth to watch this.

Anyway, it's back to doing more driver's knowledge exams for me!

EDIT: Bonus from me :D, from Duet March 2010, scans from [ profile] boys_paper 

Note: a popular couple of terms in idol world is 'carnivore' or those who are active in chasing love or 'herbivores' or those who are passive. I think all of NEWS dare not say that they're herbivores; it'll ruin their pride XDDD
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 I'd just like to say 


to you all ♥

I hope you've had a great day and your Christmas wishes come true (How lame and corny am I?)

I have nothing to offer, to feel free to shoot me for not getting a certain video completed for today *braces* It'll be done by New Year's though!!

♫ Thanks for being great lj friends
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This is again rather pointless but it confused and amused me for about 2 minutes. People may have seen this already.
I frequent A LOT. And when I was watching the video attached to an article about the most beautiful member in k-pop groups, I couldn't help but cap this:

Ehhh.... )
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I do apologise to Nishikido Ryo, this is awfully half assed as I need to furiously study for Legal Studies after this. But I really do love him to bits.

It's the 3rd of November here so...:
♫ お誕生日おめでとう!!
[♠] 錦戸亮 [♠]

Dude, 25 years old. Lived for a quater of a century now~ I hope he continues to be as wonderful, spectacular
and sexy
for many years to come in both NEWS and Kanjani8.

You don't know how tempted I am to watch the Diamond DVD T_T But I haven't touched it. All the stuff I've downloaded so far is in a folder named "CANNOT TOUCH" in Japanese so I have to abide. I'm also very annoyed that I've reached the download limit on Megaupload so I'll have to wait for another hour until I can resume downloading...I think I've got 7 parts left? Either way, I'll be crashing your place imalda on the 7th with popcorn and lollipops. Looking forward to that!

*going back to focusing on Crime and waiting for annoucement of probable interest rate rises*


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