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Well it is over here in Australia 8D
I hope everyone has a great year (myself included). I don't really have much to reflect back on in 2011, it was rather uneventful save for some major stuff like NEWS and all that. My life is extremely boring ahaha Hopefully that will change soon.

ANYWAY! HAPPY NEW YEAR. Now off to wait for JCD *_*

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☆ミMerry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day ♥☆彡
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Okay! I went to the Sydney 2011 Kpop Music Fest yesterday. I'm not much of a Kpop fan (well fanatic kpop fan, I like some of it lol); I know the names of members from uhh DBSK, SNSD, KARA and random members from the other 9 groups that came, so I apologise for all the vagueness XD

ANYWAY MOVING ON. It was AMAZING *_* First time concert experience and I was bown away, even from my silver seating which wasn't great but I could see everything from where I was so it's okay XD
Apologising now for the general crappy shots because we were far away and my camera(s) suck XD And my one with the slightly better zoom died right before DBSK performed LOL

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A small birthday post for one of my fav fandom friends :D
NOTE: Let's just ignore continuity in this okay? XD


HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMAKOII/Under a cut to save your flist! )
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[ profile] sawasin  showed me this site last night, where you can make novelty letters and announcements with great comedic effects. And I had to make this:


I also like the Marriage and Love Interest ones LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

And tomorrow is SMASH! I'm so pumped ahaha
and nails for tomorrow's makeshift Wanko cosplay. First timer at this nail art stuff....I'm so clumsy ahahah~
I'm convinced that it won't last the day tomorrow, even with top coats lol


Can't wait for HP on Sunday too~
Have a good night and day everyone!
*goes back to Ikemen Desu Ne, I'm liking the remake so far XD*
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Happy happy 24th birthday to Shige!! :D
I didn't get to celebrate much on the actual day, but last night my fangirling power went mostly to you XD
The drama itself is rather funny, I'm so excited for the next ep now~
Shige, I hope you had a good day and you get messages/presents from the NEWS members (COUGHYAMAPICOUGH)
And I love the irony of not getting the birthday man onto Kchan NEWS. Last week's Massu's birthday had Shige as the guest, tonight Tegoshi is the guest for Shige's birthday XD

I promise...I will do a combined NEWS birthday post at the end of the year of graphics, ahhh I fail D:

Speaking of Hanawake no Yon Shimai, if anyone wants it here's a download for the theme song that I got of MIzuki Alisa's album called Hoshi no Hate :)

Epic karaoke sessions are epic. And I don't want to brag, but me and my friend's rendition of Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On from the Titanic movie was just....damn, way too awesome for words XD

Have a great day/night everyone! :D♪
Time to wait around for the start of Zenkai Girl~!
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Well, it's not really new, I just (finally) changed the image and the colour scheme. Bye bye Tegoshi, and hello to Massu lol
The image is from the Tegomasu no Ai concert pamphlet, but I don't exactly remember who I got it from. If it's yours, tell me XD

2. I finally made a community for all of my stuff! So please go and watch it, as I'll no longer be posting lyrics, videos and other stuff here. It is still under construction though ahaha

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Hope everyone has had a wonderful and fun Christmas!!


Awww, my stupid uni, why did you have to send me that email?!
Now I really want to go on that Japan study aboard program in July of next year. To Osaka and Kyoto! oh and a half day trip to Nara, I believe.
Sadly, I can't afford it. At all. If I calculate the total cost of the 3 week-ish trip, it'll be $AU1,500+ D:
I don't have that kind of money just lying around...well I do, however I will have nothing left afterwards. Sigh~ *continues to wait for 2013*
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Translation: [ profile] daelite
Hardsubbing: [ profile] mayonaka_otaku
EDIT: I"M A DING BAT, Thank you very much to [ profile] kparadisek  for the raw file ♥♥
EDIT 2: The date of the clip is incorrect, please change the file to 2009.11.08, thank you :)

What: Shonen Club - Gekkan Koyamaru ft. KoyaTego clip
Who: Koyama Keiichiro, Nakamaru Yuichi, Tegoshi Yuya through photograph
When: 8 November 2009
Size: 30mb
Length: 1:58 minutes
Highlights: Koyama brings along a photo of him and Tegoshi for the segment and he has some things to say about their relationship XD

Mediafire|Megaupload (Thank you [ profile] dara_z for uploading the mirror link ♥)
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"Ai wa Simple na Curry Rice" is track 4 on NEWS' single "Fighting Man". This is adorable, and kinda reminds me of Tegomasu's "Pasta", with the whole food theme and especially the line about making curry XD

And with that I'm done for another single! Thanks for the support~ :D
Please point out any mistakes, thank you :)

Ai wa Simple na Curry Rice - NEWS )
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I'm sorry this was delayed, damn those end of semester uni assignments XD

"Winter Moon" is the 3rd track on the RE of NEWS' single "Fighting Man". This is such a nice song to listen to, and I love the instrumentals in this too.

Please point out any mistakes, thank you :)

Winter Moon - NEWS )
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"Wake Up" is the 3rd track on the LE of NEWS' 13th single "Fighting Man". This is a continuation of "Fly Again" from the "color" album :D
Please point out any mistakes (including colour coding), thank you :)
The other two songs from the single will come...eventually XD

Wake Up - NEWS )
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"Gamushara Cha Cha Cha" is track 2 on NEWS' 13th single "Fighting Man". This is such a cute song, I love the meaning behind it :D
Please point out any mistakes, thank you :)

Gamushara Cha Cha Cha - NEWS )
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"Fighting Man" is NEWS' 13th single. I love this song!! But it was a pain to colour, I do apologise for the explosion of technicolour on your screen ahaha~

Please point out any mistakes, thank you :)

Figthing Man - NEWS )
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Translation: [ profile] daelite
Timing, raw provider, HD encoding and uploading: [ profile] dara_z
Typesetting, editing, SD encoding and uploading: [ profile] mayonaka_otaku
Editing: [ profile] arisa_draconis

What: Sekai no Hate Made ItteQ! clip
Who: Tegoshi Yuya, remarks and interruptions by Helmet Ojisan and Miyagawa Daisuke XD
When: 10 October 2010
Size: 380mb (SD version) or 455mb (HD version)
Length: 24:05 minutes
Highlights: As part of ItteQ's special calendar project, Tegoshi jumps from the highest bungee jump in the world located in Switzerland! In true idol fashion no less :D

Please use HJSplit to joins files once the downloads have finished.
SD version
MediaFire: .001; .002
Multiupload: Full clip

HD version
MediaFire: .001; .002;.003
Megaupload: Full clip

Softsubs (make sure to change the file name to whatever raw you have :D)
If you would like to use this to translate into another language, please drop off a comment to let us know where it's going! =D

Thanks for all the hard work girls! :D
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Translation: [ profile] daelite
Timing: [ profile] yumenostalgic 
Encoding: [ profile] mayonaka_otaku 
Raw: [ profile] newskattuneito 

What: Waratte Iitomo
Who: Kato Shigeaki, SMAP's Nakai Masahiro, Tamori
When: 14 September 2010
Size: 300mb
Length: 20:23 minutes
Highlights: Shige guesting on a games segment on Waratte Iitomo to promote the LIVE album. They ask him and a couple of other guests some questions and depending on how they answer determines whether or not the audience gets a prize XD
Shige talks about his first date and has a couple of impersonations in his repertoire :)

Please use HJSplit to joins files once the downloads have finished.
MediaFire: .001; .002; .003
Multiupload: Full Clip

BONUS! Thanks to [ profile] watashiwachiaki for the raw and subbed by me

What: Sekai no Hate Made ItteQ! clip
Who: Tegoshi Yuya (kinda, you hear his voice), Imouto Ayako
When: 22 August 2010
Size: 7.33mb
Length: 0:56 minutes
Highlights: In this particular ItteQ episode, Imouto is preparing to climb Mt. Everest by first climbing up Mt. Blanc (the highest peak in the Alps). And on the way Tegoshi gives her a phone call :D

Mediafire | Multiupload
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My god, when was the last time I touched Aegisub and Virtual Dub MOD? Don't answer that XD

Translation was done by [info]daelite , subbed by myself and raw clip was from [info]katrinasacay  who got it from amaryllis8 lol

What: Shounen Club's Gekkan Koyamaru segment
Who: Koyama Keiichiro, Nakamaru Yuichi, ninja!NEWS through Koyama's photo
When: 14 September 2010
Size: 38.3mb
Length: 2:30 minutes
Highlights: Finally Koyama brings a NEWS photo to this segment and has a couple of cute tales to share~

Mediafire | Multiupload
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"Naiyou no Nai Tegami" is the 12th track on NEWS' 4th album "LIVE". I can actually imagine the members writing down their lines whilst singing this ahaha~
Please point out any mistakes, thank you :)

Naiyou no Nai Tegami - NEWS )
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"D.T.F" is the 11th track on NEWS' 4th album "LIVE". D.T.F stands for "Do The Fool", and when I first heard it I thought that it sounded like a Koyashige song, except all of NEWS is singing it XD
I totally gave on the bridge bits figuring out who sings and when though, it was very frustrating~
NOTE: The coded bits for the lines where more than one member is singing are who *I* think is singing at that time by ear, so it may, and probably is wrong. If you're going to the Livex3 Dome Party, please do tell me who sings what part so I can fix these accordingly :)
Please point out any mistakes, thank you :)

D.T.F - NEWS )
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