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This is...kinda hard to translate, but I did my best.
'Neiro' is hard to describe, it's 'tone colour' or 'timbre', in more musical terms. It means quality and tone of music, or the characteristics that make a C note on say a piano and a guitar really distinguishable. If you can explain it better than I can, go right ahead ♥

Neiro - Tegomasu )
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I know it's been done now, but I wanted to complete the set XD
Track 2 from the mini album 'Tegomasu no Ai' It's so pretty ♥

Moshimo, Kono Sekai kara ○○ ga Nakunattara )
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♥♥♥ One of my favourites!
It sounds like an anime opening theme to me (what is it with me and OP themes?!)
Track 3 from the mini album 'Tegomasu no Ai'

Bokura no Sora - Tegomasu )
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This is cute^^
Track 5 off the Tegomasu mini album 'Tegomasu no Ai".
Note: 'Al dente' is an Italian term describing how pasta should be cooked firm, but not too hard.

Pasta - Tegomasu )
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This song...XD
It's so hyper and has a great meaning behind it, I love it!
It took me forever to find all 16 endangered species in the song, but Japanese Wikipedia is my friend.
Note: I didn't put the chant into the translation. It could mean 'love' but since it was written in katakana, I wouldn't be sure at all. Also all animal names were properly romanized, just in case you want to sing it XDDD Thanks~

Cheetah, Gorilla, Orangutan )
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I have to admit, this song almost made me cry. This is very rare lol
This is track 6 on Tegomasu's mini album 'Tegomasu no Ai'

Yoru wa Hoshi wo Nagameteokure )
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EDIT: unlocked now, since I finished the others
This is still very rough, unfortunately I still do not have kanji lyrics for this yet. Okay maybe I do have it now, however the talking bits were not included.
This a gift 8D Not quite sure if this is directed to each other or to the fans, but I'm willing to look at it both ways ♥
Note that [ profile] amakoi  helped me decipher bits of it lol
Chu Chu Chu )


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